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Why Buy From GUYFOO?

BECause we're honest about what we do and our prices are as competitive as possible.  If we can give you a better deal, best believe we will!  If we can give you a better selection, best believe we will and when it comes to getting you a quality product for the lowest price possible...

guyfoo is where it's at.

adding new products at great prices all the time!

Recent Reviews

Proraso Shave Brush

Joel P. - Youngstown, OH

One of the best brushes I've owned and it wasn't crazy expensive.  Thanks Guyfoo!

Valhalla Beard Balm

Greg R., Las Vegas, NV

The VALHALLA balm is really good stuff. Recommend it to anyone who hasn't found their favorite balm yet.

DAPPER Beard Wash

Jared T., Dallas, TX

I like my beard slick and clean so I use the solo noir wash. Started using it say 2 years ago and haven't found anything  that matches it.


Corey Z., Tampa, FL

Loads of good beard oils at guyfoo and I've tried many of them but for me the buckridge Peppermint takes the cake.  Love it.

BEARD help!!

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